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Coming Soon! South Park Fan Made Episodes

2010-06-12 05:11:48 by ToonAnimations

Its been official, I'm doing my own fan made episodes of South Park. I'm thinking about doing 10 Episodes so far if it all turns out good and if its popular on Newgrounds i will do more. I am currently working on episode 1 which is called 'Show And Tell'. All I can say with out giving anything away is that it has something to do with the hit television show Glee. I drew everything you in the episodes (eg. Characters, Props, etc...). I will be doing the best i can to make my voice sound like the characters. So stay tuned, for the mean time i have gone back to scenes that i have done and have taken 2 Screenshots from Episode 1 with out giving anything away.

All Characters and title belong to south park, these are just fan made episodes which i have done...... so please don't sue.

Coming Soon! South Park Fan Made Episodes


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